Active Rehab Coquitlam

Active Rehab

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The highly skilled therapists at Coast Therapy are ready to help you rehabilitate your injuries through a progressive, one-on-one program of core stability, strengthening, stretching, and cardio training. We start with a detailed injury assessment and diagnosis, and then we develop a personalized active rehabilitation plan tailored specifically to your needs.

During each session, a therapist motivates and guides you through individually tailored programs to increase your functional ability and reduce pain. Our Kinesiologists are experienced with diverse conditions such as car accidents (ICBC), work injuries (WCB) and post-surgical rehab.


Sport Specific Rehab

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Sport Specific Rehab includes stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular routines that are individually tailored, based on your injury and sport involvement. The educational component focuses on correct posture, body mechanics and proper exercise technique

A properly progressed sports injury rehabilitation program will help you return to play faster without re-injuring yourself further. . Upon discharge, you will have the knowledge to carry out an exercise program independently at your home or local gym.


Core Training and Spinal Health

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We specialise in treatment of long-standing Low Back Pain and postural imbalances of the spine. A registered physiotherapist will assess your muscular strength, stability, and endurance to determine imbalances in your body. From there, specific exercises will be chosen by your kinesiologist to target key muscle groups. Specific muscle retraining can increase stability and protect joints, which will reduce pain and improve overall function. Research has shown that core stability training has had considerable success in treating and preventing injuries to the lower back and hips.

Our clinic is equipped with a state of art Reformer machine, which allows us to perform many of the Pillates strengthening and stretching exercises. Unique adjustability of this machine allows us to perform core strengthening programs from the easiest to most advanced degree of intensity.


Custom Rehabilitation Programs

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For those patients who are having trouble returning to their pre-injury levels of function, we are able to offer Customized Programs tailored to specific client needs. These programs will include comprehensive functional assessment including a submission of written report if needed. Recommendations regarding functional goals and timelines will be provided. The program will be usually 2 to 4 hours long and will be done 2-5 times a week. This will allow Work Simulation exercises and thorough training on improving body mechanics and ergonomics.