MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a safe, effective, yet very gentle approach to draining excess fluid and inflammation from the tissues.   MLD is used to treat lymphedema & swelling, whether it be from surgery, radiation, congenital malformation or other trauma. It is also effective in treating numerous other conditions (such as arthritis, cystic acne, sinusitis) as it enhances the immune system, removes metabolic wastes, and can help the body heal more quickly.

There are few options to treat lymphatic conditions – our RMTs are trained in the Vodder method of MLD.  When applied correctly MLD has a profound yet subtle effect on the body. To achieve this, a therapist has to be correctly trained and attentive to the application of the technique (pressure, direction, speed) as well as to the individual needs of the patient.  This MLD technique can often be applied along with kinesiotaping for lymphatic drainage &/or compression garment fitting.