Functional Movement (FMA)


Woman athlete squat with weights. Copy space. Fitness conceptPort Coquitlam Chiropractor, Dr. Kimiya Sabbaghan is a firm believer that movement is the key to optimal health. Her goal with every patient is to get them moving and pursuing a more active lifestyle. She also believes that there is much to be learned about a patient’s problems by looking at how they move in their everyday activities. Many of her assessments involve looking at how you tend to squat, how you lift your child off the ground and simply how you sit at your office chair all day or stand to do ceiling work at your job site. 

Dr. Kimiya is passionate about getting you out of pain but she places even greater importance on ensuring you remain out of pain. Her treatments will involve education and to empower you to adopt movement strategies to prevent future injuries while you can still perform your day to day activities. In the end, you will be in full control of your body and know exactly what you need to do to stay pain free.

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