Myofascial Cupping

Close-up Of A Therapist Giving Cupping Treatment On Back

Myofascial cupping has a long-standing history in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The cupping technique used by Dr. Sabbaghan is non-invasive, and very gentle without any major side effects. With the use of cups (either plastic or glass), the cups create suction, lifting skin from underlying surface nerves and fascia. This gives the skin nerves (cutaneous nerves) more room to move freely and increases their oxygen supply. The cups also help pull toxins and metabolic waste from underlying inflamed tissue. Cupping increases blood flow, lymph flow and provides relief from tension and pain.


Dermal Traction Technique (DTT) is an alternative to cupping. DTT creates the same effect of skin traction through the use of hands and looks for immediate reduction in pain and removal of altered movement biomechanics. Through DTT, the practitioner can find the source of the problem and treat it accordingly. A DTT assessment is usually followed by cupping to the area for a more prolonged effect of treatment.