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Registered Massage Therapists

Anita Wilson, RMT


Anita has a deep-rooted and sincere passion for her work as an RMT and is the proud owner of Coast Therapy. She has been practicing in Port Coquitlam since 1997, served on the Board of Directors for the Massage Therapists’ Association of BC (MTABC) for over 11 years, and now serves on the Board of Directors for SportMed BC. With extensive training in numerous manual therapy techniques, she tailors her treatment for individual need. Anita is known for being thorough in her assessment, patient education, and for helping patients with chronic conditions who may have had limited success with other treatment.

Anita has vast experience in sports therapy and has worked with athletes from the amateur to pro level. She was a therapist for the Host Medical Team during the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games, is the Chair of the Sport Professional Practice Group, and is a team massage therapist for the Coquitlam Express BCHL hockey team. She is also trained in athletic taping and kinesiotaping, and is a KinesioTape and certified RockTape practitioner.

Prenatal care, postpartum recovery and infant massage hold a special interest for Anita. She is the mother of two young boys (an infant and a toddler) and has a passion for helping women and babies through all stages of pregnancy and development. She has taken numerous professional development courses regarding various complications of pregnancy including C-section recovery and diastasis recti.

A devoted Canucks fan and long-time resident of Port Coquitlam, it was Anita’s passion for an active lifestyle and natural health choices that led to her career in massage therapy. She has a background in personal training and nutrition and has been active in numerous sports including competitive level softball, weight training, fitness, snow sports, yoga and kickboxing.

*** Anita is currently on an extended leave and unable to take patient bookings. She is available for clinic management enquiries, taping and consultations.

Sara Hoskin, RMT


Sara graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s 3000 hour/ 3 year program. She joined Coast Therapy to pursue her interest in providing sport-specific massage, is certified in athletic taping, as is proud to be part of their team of massage therapists for the Coquitlam Express BCHL hockey team.

Sara also pursues a general practice which sees everything from common medical conditions and injuries, to pre/post natal care, chronic pain and stress management. She utilizes her extensive training and knowledge in manual therapy to provide an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

She is an avid softball player and her love for sports and an active lifestyle provide her the first-hand experience to encourage and support her patients in living their healthiest life possible.

Jeff Kraus, RMT


Jeff graduated from the 3000 hour, 3 year program at WCCMT. His practice takes a versatile approach to overall health & wellness – this includes a balanced and personalized plan of assessment, therapeutic massage and self-care. He has been involved in a number of outreach placements including GF Strong (spinal cord injury & muscular dystrophy), the Multiple Sclerosis in-reach program at WCCMT, Parkinson’s outreach, BC Women’s Hospital pre & post natal clinic, as well as UBC varsity sports clinic. Jeff is also a massage therapist for the Coquitlam Express BCHL hockey team. With extensive training in manual therapy techniques, Jeff uses a combination of deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, pelvic alignment, remedial exercise, postural education, and myofascial trigger point release as individually required in his treatments.

Jeff was attracted to rehabilitation therapy as a result of a fascination with the neuromuscular system and has a deep interest in athletics, kinesiology, physiology and neurology. Helping patients to navigate through the recovery process and assisting them with self-care methods is an essential part of Jeff’s treatment approach.


Kelly Macinnes, RMT


Kelly graduated from West Coast College of Massage therapy in 2012. She worked at many outreaches through the school including Canuck place, VGH, GF Strong, George Pearson.

In treatment, Kelly implements many techniques including Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Mobilizations, Active Therapies including stretching and strengthening exercises. Kelly believes that home care modified to each individual needs is essential part of recovery process.

Kelly is experienced with a variety of conditions including pre and postnatal treatments, sports injuries, postural concerns, headaches, migraines and Whiplash Associated Disorders.

Kelly’s hobbies include knitting, golfing, kayaking, hiking, pretty much anything that’s outdoors as she enjoys staying active.


Kaitlin Fisher, RMT


Kaitlin graduated from The West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s 3000 hour/ 3 year program in 2013. During the program Kaitlin gained experience working with many different conditions and injuries. She also enjoyed providing massage therapy at outreach programs such as GF strong and the VGH Burn & Trauma Unit, as well as a number of inreach programs including Pre & Postnatal, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Fibromyalgia programs. She has also volunteered her professional time at the North Vancouver Knee Knacker Trail Run.

Kaitlin believes a thorough assessment of each individual is an important step to providing individualized and effective treatment. In her practice Kaitlin uses a variety of treatment modalities including joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy technique and remedial exercise.

In her spare time Kaitlin enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing and traveling.

Nicole Krausher, RMT

Nicole small rvs

Nicole Krausher will be relocating to Whitehorse, YT in the New Year, last day will be January 18, 2018. Nicole has been an important member of our team at Coast and will be deeply missed. We wish Nicole all the best of luck on the next chapter of her life and all of her future endeavors, she will be amazing!

Click here to view Nicole’s letter she prepared for her Coast Therapy patients.

Ian Ng, RMT


Ian graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s 3000 hour program, from which he gained much experience working with posture-related symptoms, sports injuries, and chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis. Ian joined the Coast Therapy team in September 2014 to begin his new practice in the Tri-Cities region.

Ian’s approach to treatment involves the usage of light to deep tissue massage, myofascial trigger point release, joint mobilization, passive and active stretching, postural education and self treatment to effectively achieve patient goals.

As an active individual who enjoys biking, golf, bowling, tennis, and martial arts, Ian is intentional in helping with multiple movement-based injuries. Ian also enjoys played video games every once in awhile allowing him to empathize and enjoy assisting with neck pain and headache recovery as well.

Annabel Danchuk, RMT


Annabel grew up in the outskirts of London, England and moved to Vancouver in 2001. She is a former British national sprinting champion and an international coach. As an athlete herself, Annabel developed her passion for massage. Receiving weekly massage not only helped her to continue with a 6 day a week training schedule but also detected possible injury risks. Annabel completed a Sports Massage Diploma in 1995 to further her knowledge and skill to help her fellow athletes; and in 2011 she graduated from the 3000 hour Registered Massage Therapy program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy .

Annabel has a particular interest in working with athletes and enjoys learning about the biomechanics and mechanism of injury in all different sports. She understands not only the training demands on the body, but also an athlete’s mind; her goal to is to return the athlete to full function, with minimal interruption to training. Annabel also has additional training and knowledge in prenatal and post partum massage, an area she enjoys working in and in which she has provided teaching and mentorship to RMT students.

Annabel uses a variety of techniques to assist her patients reach their goals, such as deep tissue massage , muscle energy, myofascial release and joint mobilization techniques

A very outgoing and caring individual, she enjoys weight/circuit training, sprinting, dancing and movies and she completed her first Spartan race in June 2013.

Kristen Burrows, RMT


Kristen Burrows has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2003 and an Instructor at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy since 2006.

Kristen is joining us as a locum for the month of March at our Port Coquitlam location in order to meet high patient demand for massage therapy. She will then continue as an integral part of our team in our (new!) second location on Austin Ave. in Coquitlam starting in April. Both clinic locations will have the convenience of online booking as well as on-site receptionists.

Stephen Glover, RMT


Stephen is a graduate of the 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in New Westminster.  It was there he had the opportunity to realize his interest in a couple focus areas including treatment for high risk pregnancy (treating at BC Women’s Hospital) and in sports therapy & injury prevention (working with multiple UBC sport teams).  He look forward to developing his career with Coast Therapy, and learning and collaborating with his fellow therapists in the multi-disciplinary environment at the clinic.

Juneko Kurahashi, RMT


Juneko graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s 3000 hour program. She has worked with a variety of conditions including spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, pregnancy, postural, and sports related injuries. Juneko utilizes many treatment techniques including myofascial release, joint mobilizations, trigger point release, and muscle energy technique just to name a few.  She believes that no two patients are the same and strives to assess and treat people individually and to the best of her ability. Prior to becoming an RMT, Juneko was a software engineer in the video game industry. She is physically active and when not driving her kids around she can be found at CrossFit or practicing kendo, and has also been an avid volleyball and ultimate player.

Leo Chen, RMT

IMG_1834 (1)_opt (1)

Leo Chen is a graduate from the Vancouver Career College RMT program. While at school, he became particularly fond of the use of myofascial techniques, as it is gentle yet can have a similar effect of more aggressive techniques. His areas of interest are in prenatal and postpartum massage, as well as sports therapy and injury prevention. As an athlete he understands the pain of being limited in sports due to an injury, and he is passionate about working with athletes, of varying levels, in returning them to their sports after an injury. He looks forward to learning from and collaborating with his fellow therapists in the multi-disciplinary environment at Coast Therapy.

Jannelle Smithson, RMT

Janelle small

Jannelle graduated with honors from full time program at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2015. She participated in the BMO marathon outreach and enjoyed the Kalev outreach for sports as well as the many outreaches at senior care homes. Jannelle was a national level cheerleader with SFU while studying kinesiology and a former athletic trainer with Langley lacrosse team.

Jannelle is currently tutoring orthopedics at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She is an avid hiker, soccer player and enjoys spending time with her 2 dogs.

Harold Keech, RMT


Harold is a graduate of the 3265 hour Registered Massage Therapist program at Langara College where he graduated with excellence. He is a former student athlete from Kwantlen college with a passion for sports (basketball and football personally) which fueled his aspirations to provide education to young athletes with a focus on injury prevention. Harold’s experiences at a gross anatomy lab has given him a great passion for human anatomy, and he has started teaching in Anatomy and Physiology as he enters his first term with VSBM.

While his general practice covers treatment for many aspects of wellness, orthopedics, posture & ergonomics, injury and prevention, Harold holds a special interest in sport-related conditions and active rehabilitation. Helping his patients understand the contributing factors to their symptoms and giving them tools and information to help them manage it outside the clinic are one of his approaches that his patients appreciate most. An avid BC Lions fan, in his spare time Harold might be found hiking and running the local trails or preparing for his second run as a Tough Mudder competitor.

Nari Carriere, RMT


Nari graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Her clinical internship allowed her to help people meet their wellness goals, as well as treat different orthopedic injuries, postural dysfunctions, and neurological conditions.

While she enjoys treating patients with a wide variety of health concerns and needs, she has a deep interest in women’s health and perinatal care. She is an advocate for patients to be actively involved in their own rehabilitation, and utilizes an evidence-based approach to treatment. It is her belief that both skillful clinical practice and empathetic communication are key to providing the best individualized care for her patients to return to their lives pain-free.

Outside of work Nari enjoys practicing yoga, cooking for loved ones, reading, and exploring the outdoors.

Owen Grant, RMT

Owen small

Owen graduated from WCCMT in 2016, where he gained extensive clinical training and experience in treating a variety of conditions. His practice involves a combination of both active and passive techniques tailored to each patient’s individual needs. As a lifelong athlete he has first-hand experience in what it takes to rehabilitate from both minor and major injuries. Owen’s treatment approach includes deep tissue massage, myofascial trigger point release, neuromuscular techniques, joint mobilizations, postural education and remedial exercise. He believes in providing patients with the take-home education necessary to progress through the healing process and to prevent further injury.

Owen has been involved in a number of outreach placements including UBC Varsity Sports, Multiple Sclerosis in-reach, and SPEC in-reach where he treated a variety of neurological conditions. With a deep interest in athletics and treating conditions of the musculoskeletal system, Owen’s true passion lies in helping his patient’s get back to living pain-free lifestyles.

In his spare time Owen enjoys weight lifting, as well as training and coaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Nicholas (Nick) Mui, RMT

Nick Mui small

Nick graduate from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2016.  His education included extensive clinical training where he worked with a variety of patients ranging from UBC varsity athletes to patients living with life-threatening illnesses at the Vancouver Friends for Life Society. He hopes to use his skills and education to help people meet their wellness and rehabilitation goals.

Nick believes that the best treatment always starts with a thorough orthopedic assessment. He utilizes treatment techniques that involve myofascial trigger points release, neuromuscular techniques, joint mobilization and remedial exercises.

Asides from work, Nick enjoys living an active lifestyle spending his time dancing, snowboarding, and camping.




Igor graduated as a physiotherapist in 2007 with distinction. He has since worked in a variety of private practices specializing in treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and rehabilitation of elite and recreational athletes, and now is permanently moved to and proud co-owner of Coast Therapy. In addition to extensive postgraduate training in manual therapy, Igor has special interest in Kinesio Taping and vestibular rehabilitation. He also completed certification in Acupuncture through Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute, and in IMS((Intra Muscular Stimulation) through University of British Columbia.

In his spare time Igor enjoys traveling, hiking, working out and just about any kind of water related activity.

Arvin Cheng, PT


Arvin received his Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy in 2010. He has been working in the private practice setting in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and rehabilitation. Arvin utilizes an evidence based approach to treatment. He believes in the combination of electro-physical modalities, manual therapy, postural and muscle imbalance correction, and active rehabilitation (flexibility and strengthening exercises) so clients can relieve their pain, feel better, and recover towards full physical function. In addition, Arvin gives advice on ergonomics and posture correction training. His currently continues his post-graduate studies in the field of acupuncture and chronic pain management.

Arvin is a local Port Coquitlam resident and active within the community. Arvin enjoys playing badminton or going to the gym on his spare time.

Karen Chow, PT, CGIMS


Karen first developed an interest in the human body and physiotherapy as a previously nationally ranked competitive swimmer. She then went on to study Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University before going to the University of Toronto to obtain her Bachelor of Physical Therapy degree in 2003. Since then, she has worked both in the public and private sector and has completed numerous courses in manual therapy as well as becoming certified in Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (CGIMS). In addition, she has been involved in Paralympic Swimming as a Medical Classifier. Karen is always striving to become a better therapist and is looking forward to obtaining more skills through more post graduate courses.

In treating patients, Karen establishes a partnership with them by developing a thorough comprehensive plan to help them achieve their goals. Treatment is very individualized (1:1) and may include manual and manipulative therapy, soft tissue techniques, modalities, IMS, and exercises.

Karen is also a very proud mother of three beautiful young children. In her spare time, she is often chasing them at the park or chauffeuring them to their various extracurricular activities. If there is any time (or energy!) left, she may try to sneak in a run or a soccer game.

Kartik Shah, PT


After his masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, Kartik practiced in Mumbai (INDIA) for 7 years before coming to Canada. Presently he practices Manual and Electro therapy and has special interest in Low Back Pain, Post-Operative Rehabilitation and Shoulder problems.
He has 2 published thesis, one in Low Back Pain and Exercises and another involving Arts Based Therapy with Physiotherapy.

Kartik loves to read fiction and biographies and has a keen interest for electronic gadgets. He loves to traveling around the world.

Lois Lochhead, PHD



Lois recently completed her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia where 31 years ago she also completed her BSR in Physiotherapy. Her doctoral research focused on the function of abdominal, low back and pelvic floor muscles using Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUS). This is a great tool for viewing these deep stabilizing muscle in both resting and contracted states.

In practice, Lois uses RTUS to assess and treat women and men with low back, pelvic floor, groin, hip and pelvic/tailbone issues. The pelvic floor can be visualized through the abdominal wall (with a full bladder) which is a less invasive way to assess pelvic floor muscles when compared with internal pelvic examination. However, when such an examination is warranted, Lois is fully qualified to perform internal assessments. She also has expertise in the management and treatment of both female and male bladder and bowel control, vaginal/genital/rectal pain, as well as Perinatal low back, pubic or groin pain. She provides treatment for conditions such as painful intercourse, vulvodynia, and pelvic organ prolapse. Her treatment approach combines manual therapy and myofascial release techniques along with training of the deep stabilizers of the low back, abdomen and pelvic floor using RTUS to provide biofeedback ensuring correct exercise performance.

When not in the clinic, Lois can be found chasing a little white ball down the fairway or hitting the road on her bicycle.

To have an appointment with Dr Lochhead please call our clinic at 604-492-0333 or book online . Dr Lochhead offers her services only at our Coquitlam clinic, located at 1112a Austin Ave.


Corrie Okamura, MPT


Corrie is originally from Vancouver Island, where she first developed an interest in human movement and anatomy through her background as a competitive dancer and dance instructor. She completed her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia, having previously completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Alberta. Corrie has completed her Level I certification under the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Orthopaedic division, and has post-graduate training in joint mobilizations with movement.

Corrie uses individualized treatment plans of manual therapy, exercise, and education to help patients optimize the functioning of their bodies and achieve their goals. Corrie enjoys working with patients of all ages and has special interests in treating dancers and patients needing vestibular rehabilitation.

Outside of work: Corrie enjoys dancing, hiking, swimming, running, weight lifting, and finding new ways to stay active

Nozar Azani, PT


Nozar has passionate about rehabilitative medicine, and he has been a clinician for almost 15 years. His journey to becoming a physiotherapist began in high school when he was involved in competitive Tennis. His own injuries led him to seek treatment from a physiotherapist where he became instantly interested in the profession. Physiotherapy is an extremely rewarding career for Nozar. He considers himself extremely fortune for his unique experience abroad and was inspired by some of the most influential physiotherapists.

He has completed numerous courses including:
• Advanced Spinal Manipulation Courses
• Acupuncture Certification with “ Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute”
• Various Orthopaedics, Sports and Neurological Courses as Continuing Education
• Dry Needing Courses

He is very interested in motor vehicle injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, chronic pain conditions, TMJ, peripheral nerve injury, and complex clinical cases. Nozar absolutely loves the challenges of diagnosing musculoskeletal dysfunction. In addition, he has a special interest in sport injuries and loves working with athletes anywhere on the spectrum from injury prevention to rehabilitation to sport performance.

Giancarlo Brancati, MPT


Giancarlo graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2015 with a Masters of Physical Therapy after completing his Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2009. He has completed graduate courses in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and Mulligan concept training, as well as Kinesio-Taping and Soft Tissue Release. Since graduating he has also worked in settings such as critical care, orthopaedics and neurological rehabilitation.

Giancarlo believes that movement is key to your overall well-being. That is why he is passionate about helping clients return to their activities whether it be sports, work or your daily routine. He uses a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue release, taping and exercise prescription to treat clients. He is keen to continue his education in manual therapy, needling and neuromuscular retraining.

When not working, Giancarlo enjoys playing soccer and Australian Rules Football competitively; biking, hiking, travelling with his wife or simply relaxing with a good book.

Kulwinder (Jyoti) Kalan, MPT, BS


Jyoti graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. Previous to this she obtained a Bachelors of Science in Biology from University of British Columbia. Since then she has been providing rehabilitation services in the private practice setting. Her clinical interests are in treating clients of all ages with orthopedic dysfunction through individual programs consisting of manual therapy techniques, soft tissue mobilizations and exercise rehabilitation. Jyoti has extensive experience in providing musculoskeletal treatment for WorkSafe and ICBC injuries.

Jyoti has taken courses in vestibular rehabilitation, the McKenzie method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy and the Mulligan concepts. She is currently pursuing her certification in medical acupuncture. Jyoti is fluent in English and Punjabi.

In her spare time, you will find Jyoti submersed in family events, cooking, hiking, and travelling new destinations.

Leo Willing, MPT

Leo small

Leo has several years experience working with clients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.  He has spent nearly 3 years as the sole physiotherapist at a public health arthritis clinic where he treats multi-joint osteoarthritis and a wide variety of inflammatory conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, and inflammatory spondyloarthropathies (spinal conditions).  He believes strongly in client learning and active participation in the rehabilitation process.

Leo has completed continuing education courses in soft tissue release, Mulligan joint mobilizations-with-movement, cardiorespiratory conditions as they relate to neurological and musculoseletal conditions, as well as the Mary Pack Arthritis Continuing Education program.

Shawn Swartz, MPT


Shawn received his Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2016. Prior to this as a member of Washington State University’s NCAA Track and Field team Shawn also earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2013.

Shawn born and raised in the Tri-Cities area grew up in the world of sports, playing almost every sport throughout his life with all the injuries to prove it. From a very young age was obsessed with the process of rehabilitation from both injuries and illnesses. As a former international-caliber track and field athlete and cancer survivor, Shawn has always had a special passion for promoting health and wellness in others.

He enjoys working with patients of all ages and function, although he has special interest in treating patients in the sport community and people suffering with persistent pain.

Shawn’s philosophy and approach to physiotherapy is to empower his patients through education, safe and functional exercises progressions and manual techniques. Equipping them with the tools they need to better maximize their health and function. He places a emphasis on spending time with his patients and helping them better understand their pain.

In his spare time Shawn loves spending time with friends and family, reading, playing basketball, working out, going on outdoor adventures, and has recently developed a love for surfing.


Samantha Sigurdson, Kines


Samantha completed her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2015. During her degree, Samantha sparked an interest in recovery and rehabilitation, and has also obtained her certification in Fascial Stretch Therapy from the Stretch to Win Institute. With a strong belief in quality over quantity, she believes in teaching proper technique to maximize your specific gain in strength, mobility, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Samantha has been heavily involved in sports and athletics from a young age, with a passion lying in skipping, and can usually be found at the gym jumping around with her rope. While not at work or in the gym, Samantha is a very busy dog-mom and can usually be seen around the Tri-cities with her furry sidekick and a coffee!

Natalie Carkner, Kines


Natalie completed her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Trinity Western University in 2017. While at school, she competed on the TWU Spartan’s Basketball team for 5 years. She endured various injuries throughout her basketball career and therefore spent a lot of time rehabbing them through active rehab. Natalie has noticed what an impact proper rehab can have on nagging injuries, and has been inspired to help others when it comes to health, wellness and injury rehabilitation. She understands that every person is unique and so she focuses on using safe exercise techniques specific to each person’s needs and goals. When not at work, Natalie enjoys spending time with her friends & family, getting outdoors, and drinking lots of good coffee!