• Coast Safety Measures

Elimination of Physical Contact

  • We can offer TeleHealth appointments over phone and video platforms. We became really efficient with those and feel we can provide a GREAT benefit to our patients, without having them in the Clinic(s)
  • Consider to have an Assessment(first visit) over TeleHealth. You and your therapist can decide if in clinic visits are mandatory and you can get into hands on treatment on your second appointment.
  • If your case make require multiple treatments consider having some of those over TeleHealth.
  • We will also eliminate in-person reception services from the clinics. All scheduling, payment and other administrative actions would take place over the phone and email working with our “Virtual Reception”
  • We will do our best to collect all the information over the phone, online booking platform and email to eliminate the need to fill paperwork at the clinic

Engineering controls

  • We will install plexiglass barriers where applicable
  • We will have multiple points of access to hands washing and sanitizer stations
  • Reception furniture will be removed and we will make sure you get into your treatment  without waiting
  • Clear signage will be posted on keeping distance

Administrative Controls

  • We will reduce the number of patients and staff at the clinics
  • We will “slow down” our clinics, especially PoCo and Maple Ridge
  • Extra buffers would be added to all appointments
  • Cleaning protocols would be reinforced for all treatment and common areas, equipment and other frequently touched surfaces
  • We will have designated Safety coordinators in the clinics during all hours of operation
  • Our clinicians will receive additional training safety and infection prevention.

Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)

  • All practitioners and staff will be wearing a mask in 100% of patient interaction
  • All hand washing protocols will be reinforced

Coast Therapy is an award-winning provider of Massage Therapy & Physiotherapy services to Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Coquitlam residents for over 16 years.

We offer extensive experience in manual therapy and active care for complex sport & injury rehabilitation, prenatal & post-partum care, medical conditions, chronic pain, and general wellness concerns. Our therapists are experts in helping you achieve long-lasting pain relief and functional improvement.