• ICBC Guidelines

We accept all Car Accident (MVA) patients for In-person or TeleHealth Visits!
ICBC covers Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Kinesiology (Active Rehab) as described bellow for Virtual (Online) appointments.


Number of Pre-approved Visits

Massage Therapy12

*No referral necessary for any of the above disciplines from your Doctor or other Health Practitioner if within the first 12 weeks from the day of the accident.

**All of the above applies only to Car Accidents with Day of Injury within 12 weeks from the first appointment(assessment)

***All of the above Pre-aproved treatments are to be completed within 12 weeks from the Day of Injury. For example, if your car accident happened 6 weeks before your first Physiotherapy appointment, you have another 6 weeks to complete up to 25 Physiotherapy visits. After 12 weeks “cutoff” date, you need ICBC approval for all the treatments.



How much does it cost? Are there any User Fees or extra charges?

Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Kinesiology and Acupunture treatments are at no charge as long as they follow ICBC approval guidelines.

Registered Massage Therapy appointments that are ICBC do have an User fee applied to them due to the ICBC guidelines that have been provided and the restructuring of appointment lengths that we done by ICBC in February of 2023.


When should I book my first visit?

As soon as possible. There is no such thing as “too early”.


Where do I start?

It is up to you. All of our Registered clinicians are trained and experienced in assessment of Car Accident patients.


Ok, but what is your best advice for booking the first assessment?

1.Whatever you can get in the quickest – we are always busy so time is of an essence
2.Book an assessment with at least 2 different disciplines
3.Make sure to do Kinesiology(Active Rehab) as early as possible


Can I do more than one treatment type at the same time?


Yes. In fact, we recommend to combine several approaches. While it may not be practical to do all disciplines at the same time, we do encourage to have at least an assessment completed by each discipline. Results of assessments would guide the best approach to take for you and your therapists. There is no one size fits all approach.


What if I am not recovered in 12 weeks?

As long as you are receiving ongoing treatment, any of the treatment providers can request an extension to treatment. For example, your Kenisiologist can request additional 10 visits if you had not reached your desired outcome yet. Keep in mind that it is best to ask for extensions at least 1-2 weeks prior to an end of 12 week cutoff period.


Is there a general limit on my Rehab allowance?

It is a complicated question to answer. It depends. In our experience , 99% of cases get all the care they need.


Do I need a doctor referral?

No. Not if you are within the first 12 weeks.


My accident happened over 12 weeks ago. Am I still covered?

Yes, but we would need an approval for assessment from ICBC. Let us know of your claim # and we will facilitate this for you. Referral from your Medical Doctor may be needed depending on the ICBC requirements.


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