• Lab testing

Standard lab testing:

Dr. Galuska can send patients to LifeLabs in order to help rule out a condition, monitor progress of treatment, or assess overall well-being.

Examples include: Blood chemistry, thyroid panel, autoimmune markers, blood glucose markers etc.

Functional lab testing:

Dr. Galuska also offers lab testing offered through external companies that utilize different measurement standards and techniques to further allow her to diagnose or rule out conditions. Examples include:

  • Food Sensitivity testing
  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Testing
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Hormone Assessment
  • Sport Performance and Nutrition Genetic Profile


Why would I have an external test done rather than getting blood work from Lifelabs?

Functional testing is unique to naturopathic medicine, it allows us a focused, and very thorough objective measurement of specific health markers. These tests are specific and comprehensive.

Is lab testing covered under my health benefits?

Yes, lab testing can be covered under some extended health benefits. Currently, patients must pay out of pocket for lab testing, but we are lobbying to have patient coverage in the near future.

Can’t I just go to my medical doctor and get this done for free?

Yes, theoretically you could. However, after a thorough healthy history review, there may be some differences as to what is most important to test, and as part of comprehensive treatment we may order more/different tests in order to rule out disease as well as gauge what is truly optimal functioning for you.


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