• Sports Medicine

Whether you want to optimize your performance or decrease recovery time after an event,
naturopathic medicine can help you. A personalized, multi-step approach may be necessary to ensure
that performance is maximized.

1) Nutrition: This starts at an in-depth look into your diet pre, during, and post-event, to ensure that you are getting adequate macronutrients that you need in order to fuel your body, as well as to adequately recover after. We also look at your regular daily diet to ensure we are getting the right micronutrients for energy production and tissue healing. We can adjust the diet to include nutrient-rich foods, but can also supplement with various vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. One of the ways we can achieve this with high dose intravenous therapy, which is a quicker, more available way to get vital nutrients to the tissues that need healing.

2) Exercise: Overall, we will be reviewing your current routine to see if the intensity, duration, and type of exercise is detrimental to, or meeting your current health/performance goals. We then need to analyze your workout routine to ensure there is proper recovery time between workouts, proper tapering schedules leading up to events, as well as recovery after the event.

3) Genetics: We may need to look at genetic factors as to why your performance may be lower, or recovery slower. For example, some individuals have different muscle fibre types that make them better suited to sprinting, while others to long distance events. We can also measure how your body responds and processes different vitamins and nutrients.

4) Hormonal Health: Your hormones may be wreaking havoc on your recovery. Especially if you are consistently stressed, this will alter certain hormones in the body, possibly leading to insulin resistance and poor tissue healing.

5) Pain Management: Injuries and accidents happen no matter how prepared we are! To help in the acute healing stages we can utilize acupuncture, trigger point injections, hydrotherapy, intravenous therapy, as well as nutrition and supplementation to help speed the healing process.

6) Regenerative Injection Therapies: if we find that injuries are resistant to rehab, and we have addressed all the other factors, it may be warranted to try regenerative injection therapies such as prolotherapy or platelet-rich plasma, to create a greater healing response. ** Not currently available at this time

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