• Trigger Point Injections

What is a trigger point?

A Myofascial trigger point is a dense, ropy area located between the fascia and a muscle. They commonly arise from injury, overuse, or an imbalance of muscle strength. As a result, your fascia (a thin layer that is just under the fat, and surrounds our muscles) tightens, causing a knot-like sensation under the skin. Quite often these trigger points in muscles may refer pain to another area of the body, and so treatment may not actually be where you feel your pain. Trigger points are injected with saline or an anesthetic to help create separation between the fascia and the muscle, thereby increasing the range of movement and decreasing pain.

As you are receiving injections, the act of inserting a needle into the tissue sends blood and white blood cells to the area for healing, creating a local inflammatory response. Typically 4-6 treatments are necessary to show the greatest benefits of trigger point therapy, along with other changes such as diet, exercise, lifestyle factors, or supplementation can be an excellent combination to help relieve muscle tightness and increase range of motion. Each case is unique, and after an assessment with Dr. Galuska it may be warranted to try trigger point therapy.

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