• Weight Management

Not all people are created equal, and neither is your response to food. Gaining muscle or losing fat, we
individualize treatment plans that work for you, to help with your specific goals, and uncover if there
are any genetic or physiologic reasons behind a weight imbalance. Your assessment may include:

1) Nutrition: This starts at an in-depth look into your daily diet, to ensure that you are getting adequate
macronutrients that you need in order to fuel your body. We also dig a little deeper to ensure we are
getting the right micronutrients for energy production, blood sugar balance, and balanced metabolism.
We can adjust the diet to include nutrient-rich foods, but can also supplement with various vitamins,
minerals, and amino acids. Your diet can be tailored to help your body fuel what it needs most.

2) Exercise: We will analyze the amount, type, intensity, and duration of exercise that you are currently
doing and help improve this exercise to fit your own personal needs. Nutrition is the key to healthy
weight maintenance, but exercise is the next best way to supplement this!

3) Lifestyle factors: Removing barriers to your weight goals through various lifestyle factors, such as
drinking, smoking, or a stress coping mechanisms.

4) Lab Testing: this may include hormonal testing, blood sugar/diabetes markers, thyroid health, and
digestion markers.

5) Therapies: can include herbal treatments, vitamins and minerals, IV therapy or injection therapies to
help replace lost nutrients or add nutrients that are not being well absorbed through diet.

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