• Work Injuries Coquitlam

We provide physiotherapy services to injured workers in Coquitlam , Port Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows. We are part of WorkSafeBC (WCB) Provider Network.

Physiotherapy to injured workers is offered free of charge on accepted claims. Physiotherapist will perform an extensive assessment including testing of functional status and identification of return to work barriers. Physiotherapist may need to contact the employer and WCB adjuster to promote safest return to work for the injured worker. We always make sure that our clients engaged in the whole process and all the decision making is done together.

As part of WorkSafeBC (WCB) Provider Network in Coquitlam, we offer all our treatment options to injured workers including Spinal Decompression, Manual Therapy, IMS and Acupuncture. We always make sure that the worker is as close as possible to being 100% before providing discharge reports.


Do I need a Dr’s refferal?

No. WCB allows direct access to physiotherapy. All we need is your claim number as long as your date of injury is within last 60 days.

Does the claim needs to be approved before I start physiotherapy?

No. As long as you have a claim number, WCB will cover assessment and first treatment even on not approved claims if the injury happened within last 60 days.

What if my injury happened over 60 days ago?

We would need to check the status of your claim online and / or contact your WCB adjuster. Please do not hesitate to call or email us – we would need your claim number and MSP(BC Health) number to check your eligibility.

Can I come to your clinic if I already started Physiotherapy at another clinic?

Yes. We would be able to adjust all the billings with WCB. If your injury happened over 60 days ago, we may need to contact WCB for approval.

How much Physiotherapy is allowed under WorkSafeBC claim?

WCB would cover up to 7 weeks of physiotherapy after work injury and up to 9 weeks after surgery. Your physiotherapist may ask for treatment extensions if needed.

How soon will I need to go back to work?

Return to work is up to the claim adjuster. Your physiotherapist can provide recommendations to WCB regarding limitations and timelines of safe return to work. We never advise on return to work, before the therapist is sure that you are reasonably ready.

What happens if I am not ready to return to work after certain amount of treatments?

Your physiotherapist will do everything in his / her power to make sure you are able to have best treatment possible. If needed, your therapist will advise WCB about other interventions such as specialist appointments or imaging tests. In specific cases, referral to additional WCB services such as Occupational Rehab will be initiated.

How can I prevent same injuries from happening again?

We are not only committed to your recovery, but also to prevention of future injuries. Your physiotherapist will teach you proper ergonomics and posture to minimize impact on your body at work. We also frequently utilize our kinesiologists to assist with job specific training and preventative exercise program.


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