• TeleHealth – Virtual Therapy and Rehab

We are excited to be offering Video or Phone Consultations, also known as TeleHealth or TeleRehab appointments! Particularly during those uncertain times, we want to continue to offer our clients the quality care and connection we strive to foster with every in-person interaction.

You can connect with your Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Naturopathic Physician or Kinesiologist through our secure online platforms or by phone.

While we take pride in our Hands On approach at the clinics, we all must recognize that one of our best tools is our knowledge and ability to engage the Patient in the Healing process. While by no means ideal, we have firm believe that we can help you and make the best of the situation.


What we can do:

  • Listen to you!
  • Access your condition through the detailed questioners, interview and Video-Assisted exam(if necessary)
  • Screen you for serious issues that may require urgent medical attention eg Severe Nerve Compression or Infection
  • Recommend to perform additional testing and such as X-Rays, Blood Work or Physical Exam by your Medical Doctor
  • Provide an education on your diagnosis and prognosis
  • Provide advise on what self care strategies you can use eg sleeping positions, body mechanics, relaxation etc
  • Look into options of maintaining healthy exercise and movement regime
  • Advise on what simple equipment you can get to cope with your symptoms at home such as braces or TENS units
  • Design an individually tailored exercise program including videos, exact prescriptions, specific notes
  • Re-access your progress and make sure you are progressing and changing your exercises and activity levels
  • Above all, we are Problem Solvers! We have an experienced team of therapists supporting each other behind the scenes, and we always figure it out.


Physiotherapist providing rehab over TeleHealth platform
Physiotherapist providing rehab over TeleHealth platform


Technical Issues

We are currently using Jane (our booking and billing system) for TeleHealth Video Assisted visits.

  • Please make sure your account is activated(if you book online it is!).
  • If you are not sure, please email us at info@coasttherapy.ca or info.mapleridge@coasttherapy.ca . You can also call our office at any of the numbers listed, but keep in mind we can only answer the phone Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.
  • Once your account is activated please read https://jane.app/guide/telehealth/how-to-join-your-online-appointment-for-patients
  • Please make sure you have your appointment booked(online or over the phone)
  • Please “login” into your appointment. Practitioner will login as well at the exact time of your appointment. If for some reason it does not work, practitioner will call you on the phone. Please make sure to have your phone handy around the time of the appointment.
  • Despite all our efforts, issues will happen . We will help you out even if we have to do the visit over the phone. We will ensure to find the best solution for you.



What is covered for TeleHealth?

Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and  Naturopathic Medicine are approved to be delivered online and are covered by most Benefits Providers and ICBC / WCB. Kinesiology (Active Rehab) are covered by ICBC only.

How long does an appointment take?

Appointments would have similar “direct contact” time with the therapist as regular “in-clinic” appointment. The therapist may take extra time to build and send an online exercise program or provide other subscriptions or educational materials.

What sorts of conditions is TeleHealth good for?

We have a firm believe that we can maintain our high quality standard of care for any condition. Any good treatment starts with a proper screening; we can do a good job of making sure what is your next step. Our practitioners had dedicated their lives to learning, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you. We can do our best to have a plan for you.

Why would I do this instead of just getting some exercises or advise online?

1.The key is to know what to get the advise for. Self diagnosing rarely works.

2.We got some experience doing this already – we are now an experts of thinking outside of the box

3.As regulated Health Care providers, we can review and update “official” recommendations such as notes for work, recommendations to ICBC / WCB and recommendations to purchase home care equipment.

Is there any advantages of care delivered via TeleHealth?

Surprisingly, yes. We found out that  this way we focus only on active / pro-active care strategies, while avoiding some of the “nice, but not important” treatment modalities. Focusing on empowerment, exercise and education helped quite a few people

How much experience Coast has in TeleHealth?

In the first 2 weeks since clinic(s) closure(s) om March 19th, we have delivered 395 TeleHealth appointments.  Keeping a significantly reduced Clinical Team, allowed us to create good collaboration and ongoing education among all practitioners.

I do not have access to a camera / computer/ smartphone. What can be done?

TeleHealth can be delivered over the phone. While Video can be beneficial, we can still get by talking over the phone and engaging in dialog with the patient. While it may be harder to demonstrate some things, we can still deliver exercise programs via Email, Fax, at clinic pick up or sending it to your preferred family or friends.

I am used to get IMS/Shockwave/Manipulation etc..What TeleHealth can do for me?

We would love to continue your care using all our resources. The bottom line – we can not. And nobody else can. While those modalities and hands on care in general can not be replaced, we can find other alternative strategies how to at the very least not to get worse in the meantime. Often, exercises, self mobilization strategies, and simple tools that can be bought online are good enough. While Coast takes pride in our top of the line equipment, it is in the end of the day is only as good as the practitioner operating it. And that can carry over to TeleHealth environment as well.

I am not from PoCo/Coquitlam/Port Moody/Maple Ridge. Can I still get TeleHealth?

Of course! One of the advantages it can be delivered anywhere! The advantage for local residents  to choose us, is that we will be able to transition to in-clinic service on the day after(if neccessary)

I am out of Province. Can I use TeleHealth.

At this time , we are only offering TeleHeatlh to patients located in British Columbia.


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We offer extensive experience in manual therapy and active care for complex sport & injury rehabilitation, prenatal & post-partum care, medical conditions, chronic pain, and general wellness concerns. Our therapists are experts in helping you achieve long-lasting pain relief and functional improvement.